What Do and Not to Do List

Bali is popular with simple and plain residents, and indeed it is a characteristic of people from Bali. Many domestic and foreign tourists go to Bali for a holiday. So many agents offer Bali Package Tour from the cheap to exclusive. Bali deals team will give you some tips before your leave for Bali.

However, two things are different and opposite as day and night, good and bad can not be separated each other. Because the crime is sometimes occur at the time you visiting Bali , even though the quality and quantity is still small compared with other places in the country. But we remain always vigilant and careful along your holidays in Bali.

At the Hotel

* Do not leave valuables in the room.Use safe box that has been provided by the hotel.
* If you bring your own car, parking in the appropriate fields.
* If you lost the key immediately report it to the hotel.
* Do not notify or invite people unknown to the room.
* Report to the hotel when there are things that suspicious.

When Travel or Tours
* Package Tours Order in accordance with your wishes.
* Order a guide according to the language you want.
* Bring cash and only a small fraction .

Water Supply
Water tap in the hotel has sanitation but not good to be drunk directly, only for the purpose of bath. Better consume beverages from cans or bottles with a straw use. During activity outside the hotel are advised to drink more to avoid dehydration.

At the Beach
The beauty of the beach in Bali is incredible, many of the surfer who came to Bali only to play with the waves but the waves could be terrify for your holidays. To avoid things do not happen on the beach note the following:
* Always swim between red flags and yellow.
* Do not swim alone and too far from the beach edge.