Padang Bai Marine Life

Padangbai located in Karangasem regency separate this is a bay called the Padang, which has been used as a port for many years. Padangbai name taken from the bay, and because the influence of the Dutch, the phrase was changed to Bai Padangbai.
Padangbai is located in the Padangbai Village, Manggis District, about 53 km from Amlapura ,about 1 hour drive from Denpasar.Padangbai is the gate of Bali from Lombok island.
Food stalls, small restaurants and small hotels available, as well as other facilities.

Padangbai is a port for small and large boat. This area is developed as tourist attraction.You can see a lot of place to relax,such as white sand, natural environment around the beach.Fish and surf are another activity here.Silayukti temple bring you to the age of Empu Kuturan who built that temple.The main beach is generally awash with colorful double outrigger fishing boats in the shape of a marlin. The front of the boat is shaped with the point of its mouth open wide and large eyes looking to the heavens.