Kintamani and Mount Batur

Mount Batur is one of volcano in Bali located in the regency og Bangli. In addition, Lake Batur is a crescent, surrounded by high walls of crater rim. Steepness crater size will make you imagine gigantic eruption of Mount Batur happened ten thousand years.
This mountain is still active until now, such as people who still remember the Bali blast that occurred in the year 1917 is where the eruption has been taking thousands of lives and destroyed hundreds of houses in the Old Batur Village . All people who are still alive evacuate to a new place that called Kalanganyar. Ulundanu Batur temple, previously also at the base kaldera on the south side of Mount Batur consecutively moved to the place now.The beutiful offered here to the more natural attractions. Landscape is a combination of natural scenery of Lake Batur and Mount Batur which stands in the middle of the kaldera make this area one of the most favorite tourist destinations in Bali.

If you have any more time and love adventure or photography, it's good to stayed in the area around mount Batur and the next day make a climb of Mount Batur Batur kaldera or in the east of Mount Batur and enjoying the beautiful sunrise that appear from the back of Mount Rinjani in Lombok.Kintamani can be reached approximately 2 hours drive from Denpasar or Kuta. You can also skip when you make a trip to Lovina.

There are several places of accommodation ranging from star hotels to stay at home of Kintamani villagers. You can choose one of them to stay in line with your budget. One of the lodging is quite good around Kintamani is Lakeside Cottages and Under the Volcano II, which is located in Toyabungkah.There are several restaurants, where you can relax and get lunch or dinner. Kintamani famous for its orange trees. You can find a lot of souvenir shop along the Denpasar-Kintamani street.