Sunset at Kuta Beach Bali

If you want to see spectacular sunset in Bali, then Kuta Beach is the place to visit. Only minutes walk from the center of Kuta and 30 minutes drive from Nusa Dua area. Thousands eyes fixate to the beauty of the sun here every day. Do visit between five to seven pm you will be amaze the wonderful sunset in front of you.

kuta beach
Kuta beach has renown for it's sunset and perfect with sand for sun bathing. You can relax and get traditional masage from the teraphiest spread along the beach. Now days Kuta has become the center of Bali thourism, many accommodation available here at Kuta from four star hotels to budget hostels. You can even enjoy the sunset from your private balcony in one of the hotel along the jalan Pantai street.

Temporarily tattoo and nail painting also available at Kuta beach. In addition Kuta beach is a favorite spot for surfing. If you don’t have your own surfing board then you can rent from local beach boy.