Gitgit Waterfall In Bali

There are two waterfall in Gitgit area, can be reached within two hours drive from Kuta beach or 30 minutes from Bedugul botanical garden. The waterfall is located in Gitgit village part of Buleleng regency. Many tourist visit this famous waterfall because its fabulous scenery and cold water.

Gitgit Waterfall

Gitgit waterfall
Gitgit waterfall is 35 meters high and surrounded by tropical forest. You need some effort to reach this waterfall because this waterfall lies down the plateau area. There are several stairs and pathway. Save some energy for way back to the parking lot.

There are some art shop along the way down to the waterfall. Selling handicraft, painting, sarong and Balinese souvenir. Just 10 meters before the waterfall, a small temple welcoming you. This temple use by Balinese to invoke holly water.

artshop in gitgit

You can swim here but highly not recommended during rainy season. The water is cold enough as the waterfall set on 300 meters above sea level. This waterfall has constant debit of water even in dry season.

Beautiful panorama and bird voice will accompany your visit to this waterfall as you walk down the stair. Bring mineral water to avoid thirst because it is tiresome but worth the energy you spend when you see fascinating with water fall from the upper land. Cold breeze around this waterfall relieve your energy.

If your direction coming from Bedugul, another waterfall sign within your sight just 2 km before Gitgit waterfall. It is Twin waterfall but not as high as Gitgit waterfall. The water itself are falling down to Gitgit waterfall.