Regency of Buleleng

Buleleng Regency is located in the northern part of Bali island . Singaraja is the capital city. Buleleng bordered by Java Sea to the north,Jembrana in the west, next to the Karangasem Regency and the District Bangli in the East , Tabanan and Badung in the south.There is unique art in Buleleng that is Gerumbungan.

Gerumbungan cow is a type of art that combined with sporting activities which is carried out around August in the Village of Kaliasem Lovina, approximately 11 km west of Singaraja. Nowadays become a tradition among the farmers, after their farm ready to be planted, the farmers make a kind of entertainment, known as "Megrumbungan". Gerumbungan is form of a large bell hung at the bull's neck. A pair of cows that have been trained connected with a wooden tool called a "uga".

There are several place of interest in regenecy og Buleleng.Lovina beach is the most famous beach in this regency.You can fish and see dolpin atraction at Lovina beach.Tamblingan and Buyan lake are the widest lake in Bali that located near Bedugul park.