Denpasar the Capital City

Denpasar is the capital city of Bali province. Not a tourist destination and may also be referred to as the only area in Bali to get the appropriate City designation.

As the provincial capital, all government activities in this city. Start from the governor's office, local police, the mayor until the immigration affairs. No exception to the foreigner, they must come to Denpasar to manage everything such as the licensing business.

In the capital city of Bali, you will see people Denpasar with various tribes in Indonesia. So not surprisingly, especially in private offices, one in the room there are employees who work tribes Bali, Java, Sunda, Irian, Dayak, Madura, Lombok, and so on. This is not surprising because Denpasar is the largest city destination migrants who venture on the island of Bali Dewata.

Like other big cities in Indonesia, Denpasar also has what is called a landmark. In cities in Java with the usual call square, or a place like a large field where there stood great monuments at the center, complete with common facilities and the traders therein. In Denpasar, there are a large monument called Field Puputan Renon.