Tulamben Beach in Karangasem

A very beautiful beach is located approximately 125 kilometers northeast of Denpasar. From Kuta you reached this beach in about three hours. Unlike Kuta beach, the beach is located on the eastern island of Bali.Specialties Tulamben beach is bottom of the marine.

Get down the water surface you impress by the large variety of coral reef fish and decorative colors of beautiful coral, there are also dead Liberty ships belonging to the United States affected by the submerged Japanese torpedo in the year 1942.

Ships are now show some type of life in the sea of Tulamben. In the bottom of the sea, the position of dead ship is 50 meters along with slope 45 degrees, looks like an antiques that deliberately displayed for the lovers of diving. Only about ten meters below the surface of the water.

In addition to "display" is historical, you can enjoy the coral reef which is very beautiful , canyon in the sea floor that has a slope of nearly 90 degrees. To reach the area, you must appear to the surface first, then with a motorboat you will be transmitted to the cliff at the bottom of the sea called the drop point of it.

You can enjoy the beautiful Agung mountain with in a tower from the beach. Hiking and trekking fans can start climb from this area. Along the way to Mount Agung you can enjoy the area of east Bali and Lombok island hill across the strait.

Accommodation and Other Facilities
In Tulamben Beach, there are many hotels and resorts, with cheap rate. The rate is around Rp250.000 to Rp300.000 per night. Restaurants are also available on this beach. Almost all of the sea, as if deliberately overlooking the beautiful natural scenery and romantic. With seafood dishes, the average price of food in the restaurants are cheap enough .

Tulamben Dive sites scattered along the beach. Diving site is around 50 - 200 meters from the coastline. Waves are relatively small . You can start dive from the beach to dive spot.
You don't have to bring your own diving equipment.

You can rent here with the rather low rate. Only with Rp 250.000 per hour you can rent a full dive equipment (swimsuit, shoes, suit, ballast, oxygen tubes, mask, mouth piece and regulator) and rent a boat. If you'd like to pose under the water, you can rent a underwater camera about Rp 150.000 per hour.

The road to the beach is very good . To go there, you can use the tour transportation vehicle, a motorcycle or bring your