What Would You Find In Kintamani ?

Kintamani is located at Bangli regency about one hour drive from Kuta. A lot of activity could be done here at Kintamani.

Trekking and hiking on mount Batur
Mount Batur is always challenging for adventure, climb into the top of the mountain will bring you to the true paradise sky of Bali with Batur lake view, there are local guide that would guide your adventure.Volcano and lake view are the most fascinating point at this mountain.

Visiting Trunyan Village
Trunyan village is an ancient village in Bali , this village couldn't be reached by any vehicle except by boat trough lake Batur. Unlike other Balinese, Trunyan villagers do not cremate or bury their dead body, They lay down dead body in bamboo cages until decompose.

The smell of these dead bodies would never inhale by your nose you will only inhale fragrant smell of Taru Menyan tree near the cemetery. Taru mean tree and Menyan mean fragrant. The name of Trunyan also derived from those words.

Enjoy Toyabungkah Hotspring
Located near the Lake Batur Toyabungkah hotspring is perfect place to relax. Toyabungkah is a natural hot spring that use to cure skin diseases. Enjoy the view of Lake Batur from the pool side while swim and warm your body.

Visit Ulundanu Temple
Ulun Danu Batur Temple is a Temple that located near the Lake Batur that is why this temple called Ulun Danu. Have a look for traditional balinese temple.