Place to Get Massage in Bali

deviraDevira Bali Massage
Serve a traditional massage treatment with deep tissue massage, combined with other techniques and the authentic with alternative healing to rejuvenated and revitalizing your body and spirit.A very relax atmosfhere, nature air circulation, real balinesse touching of sense, trained therapist are offering the best to your relaxation.

sekarjagatSekar Jagat
Discover what a real Balinese Massage feels like and spend some quality time with authentic Balinese Spa Treatments at our well established place.

Boutique Spa Sekar Jagat with its unique natural setup, open-air treatment rooms and its all Balinese professional team offers best overall value and a pleasant Balinese ambience.We are only minutes from your hotel in Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Benoa and Kuta, and we pick you up & drop you back for free.
Simply book online or call us personally to book directly from your place on Bali. For any questions please use our contact form, we reply within 24 hours.

balispiritBali spirit
Bali's legendary tropical spas bring together exotic ambience, a wide range of alternative therapies and natural spa products. Balinese traditional massage and holistic healing techniques, equally appropriate for both men and women, heal your physical body while calming and centering your mind.

The Indonesian spas listed below have been carefully chosen for their balance of well-presented traditional remedies and experienced holistic practitioners.

Whether you choose the intimate luxury of an internationally famous resort or the more modest delights of a traditional Balinese day spa, your experience will be sublimely nurturing, healthful, relaxing and entirely holistic.